Welcome To Buttermilk Hill Crafts. My name is Jan Skibo. My husband Al and I produce our merchandise and sell at craft festivals as our full time living. We sell absolutely nothing pre-made or imported and take great pride in our workmanship and original designs. I was an art major at college with an emphasis in design.

While I do draft new patterns throughout the year, January is when I draft the bulk of new designs for the upcoming season. Al then cuts and prepares all wood pieces for my painting.

Our products are all freehand painted and include wreaths, door/wall pieces, boxes, checkerboards, small benches, baskets with painted lids, fireplace screens, and assorted antiques, such as skates and mirrors which I paint. Many of these pieces are one of a kind, signed, and dated. Prices range from $4 to $100. Custom orders are welcomed.

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